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Durable with low maintenance

Durable and low maintenance are just two of the many benefits of having the exterior walls of your house coated in K-Rend. Surrey based Resin Ways Ltd is an established company with a great reputation. Working across a wide area, we are experts in K-Rendering. 


K-Rend is a specific brand name, and although it is often referred to in relation to all types of rendering, actually it is a specific process and type of rend. If you are looking to both improve the aesthetics of your home and ensure your walls are suitably protected, then this is something we would recommend for most properties. If you would like us to arrange a quote, just get in touch.

K Render Texture
Houses on a Typical English Residential Estate

Surrey based Resin Ways Ltd are experts in K-Rend

If you are thinking of having the exterior walls of your house rendered, there are many options. K-Rend is one we often recommend. We operate all across the Surrey area, just get in touch.

Applying K render to the wall of the house

"Can't speak highly enough of James and his team. Absolutely brilliant job that has revolutionised the front of our house. Communication was great throughout and James treated the project like it was at his own house. Perfect finish and worth every penny - we took a sharp intake of breath up front but I'm absolutely sure the value added outstrips the outlay. All done and dusted in a week, and nothing was too much trouble. Thank you!!!"


K Render Texture

The benefits of K-Rend

  • Very durable

  • Low-maintenance - it is designed to last for 30 years, rather than the 3-5 years of most rends

  • Very easy to clean - ideally we recommend treating it once every 12-months with algaecide

  • Designed to be algae-repellent

  • Weatherproof

  • K-Rend is permeable to water vapour, which means your house can 'breathe'. This reduces the chances of condensation

The exterior of your home could look as good as these.

Application Of Facade Plaster,Worker Plastering The Facade Of The Building

To arrange a quotation for K-Rend, please get in touch with Surrey based Resin Way Ltd by giving us a call:

CALL: 020 3646 7021

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